Sour (Demo)
Dead By 1998
Evil Tears
Sphere of Glass
The Unwilling
Lucy In The Sky
Wrist Twister
Three Steps
The End of Me
My Psychiatrist
Devil Monkeys
Swept Away (Live)
Riverboat Queen (Live)
Megadeth Interview

Who Was Fatal Opera?

To a number of people Fatal Opera is still unknown; this germinating quintet full of profound musical messages that to people verge on a so far unseen revolutionary aspect - a projecting out against traditional systems - was assembled by former Megadeth drummer Gar Samuelson.

It was Gar who was responsible for the indescribable unique outflow for the earlier Megadeth days that undoubtedly outshined every other band. To many Megadeth fans this "Peace Sells" era represented the musical highlight of the Megadeth career that should end up with Gar Samuelson's and Chris Poland's withdrawal from the band atttributed personal animosity between them and Dave Mustaine.

It reflected a reciprocity: Gar and Chris quit due to financial absurdity, at the same time Dave fired them. Fact is that Megadeth lost with the two jazzy based background the crucial crux which in the end wasn't tragic - Gar should make a fascinating return with his new 'Guru Metal' creation Fatal Opera that has its residence in Florida. After the recording, Billy Brehme should join as a second guitarist to complete the line-up.

Fatal Opera - tracing an independent musical taste - finally found in 1994 in the German record label Massacre the suitable partner to release their debut CD in February 1995. This self-titled debut achieved great and hopeful resonances in mags as well as in fanzines that among others described Fatal Opera as a "musical firework".

Shortly after the release, Dave Inman left the band out of musical differences to form his own band In Man. A huge recommendation to keep track with!

In Andy Freeman as a replacement, Fatal Opera found a very expressive singer, nowhere else to find; their second album "The Eleventh Hour" was released in 1997 that undoubtly is a crucial reply to ordinary and mediocre bands. All of the fourteen songs reflect musical unpredictability, wrapped in countless innovation and always covering the progressive and powerful rhythms in the right shot.

Fatal Opera Sound

A musical unity, in European magazines labeled as an "outstanding Power/Progressive Band with great resonances." They absorb many different musical atmospheres with an incredible versatility! Thus hard to define, but somewhere between Heavy/Thrash Metal with a progressive touch!

After recovering from the past, Gar joined forces with his talented brother Stew (guitar) and found in Travis Karcher (bass) and Dave Inman (vocals) musicians that stood out from musical mediocrity and represented a first rate quality. In 1993 the band recorded at Gar's home studio their ten song debut that among others also contain a highly explosive interpretation of the Hendrix' cover "Moon Turns The Tides".

"Fatal Opera" 1995 "The Eleventh Hour" 1997
  1. Dead By 1998
  2. Evil Tears
  3. Sphere of Glass
  4. Moving Underground (Bong)
  5. The Unwilling
  6. The Distant
  7. Beaten Path
  8. Overshadowed
  9. Kill 'Em
  10. Moon Turns The Tides
  1. Would You?
  2. Nothing Is Everything
  3. Once I Was A Fly
  4. Indiscretion
  5. Inside/Outside
  6. Lucy In The Sky
  7. Wrist Twister
  8. Mindfuck
  9. Dredge (The Truth)
  10. Three Steps
  11. The End of Me
  12. My Psychiatrist
  13. Devil Monkey's
  14. Calling of Lotar
Dave Inman (Vocals), Stewart Samuelson (Guitars)
Billy Brehme (Guitars), Travis Karcher (Bass)
Gar Samuelson (Drums and Vocals)
Andy Freeman (Vocals), Stewart Samuelson (Guitars)
Billy Brehme (Guitars), Travis Karcher (Bass)
Gar Samuelson (Drums and Vocals)
"Live In Florida '97
(Unofficial Live Bootleg)"
"Unreleased Songs (Bootlegs)"
  1. Guilded Splinters
  2. The End of Me
  3. Wrist Twister
  4. Dredge (The Truth)
  5. Swept Away
  6. Indiscretion
  7. Burning of The Midnight Lamp
  8. Inside/Outside
  9. Riverboat Queen
  10. Changes
  11. Three Steps
  12. Kill 'Em
  13. Dead By 1998
  14. Sour
  15. Would You?
  1. Changes
  2. Guilded Splinters
  3. Burning of The Midnight Lamp
  4. Not Lost
  5. Riverboat Queen
  6. Slight Return
  7. Sour
  8. Swept Away
  9. Whiter Shade of Pale
Andy Freeman (Vocals), Stewart Samuelson (Guitars)
Billy Brehme (Guitars), Travis Karcher (Bass)
Gar Samuelson (Drums and Vocals)
Dave Inman (Vocals), Andy Freeman (Vocals)
Stewart Samuelson (Guitars), Billy Brehme (Guitars)
Travis Karcher (Bass), Gar Samuelson (Drums and Vocals)